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Check out my debut romantic suspense novel No One To Trust will be published by Liquid Silver Books.

Read an excerpt by clicking on this link


Thirty-two year old Jenna Havilland doesn’t have time for romantic relationships. Driven and career focused, she is the personal assistant to eccentric contemporary artist, Pedro Rodriguez.  When Jenna inadvertently becomes the target of a dangerous international art crime ring, she reluctantly captures the romantic interest of notorious playboy and fine art management firm executive, Alex Quinlan.  They are both forced into the crosshairs of this deadly storm, and Alex is determined to protect her.

Can they find love knowing there is no one to trust?

My YA novel Sierra Moon is available on Barnes & Noble:

Sixteen-year-old Lauren Hyacinth Willow is an insecure, overachieving, self-professed nerd struggling with the recent death of her mother, a demanding father, and the Willow legacy of perfection and success. During the Willow family reunion at the Sierra Moon plantation on Pebble Bay Island, South Carolina, Lauren is suddenly transported into the 19th century with no way out. The once charming island becomes a dangerous place when Lauren takes on the identity of her ancestor, a slave girl, who knows a powerful secret that could bring an end to Lauren’s life as well as others.

Sierra Moon depicts Lauren’s frightening adventure into the world of slavery and plantation life. Along the way she discovers unexpected courage, inner strength and first love with the plantation owner’s son.

Click link below:

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